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Irvine Arditti


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Many of the Montaigne-Naive series as well as many other Arditti CDs are available.

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The tireless Arditti Quartet after 44 years still unrivalled in new repertoire, gave masterly performances to all.

The Observer,  May 2018


The 40th-anniversary celebrations for the group that has done more than any other to enrich and expand the string quartet repertoire of our time just go on and on. As a follow up to their all-day marathon at Milton Court in April, the Arditti Quartet brought three more of their apparently endless supply of late 20th-century classics to the Wigmore Hall. The Quartet played all the works with - it is almost unnecessary to say - consummate, extraordinary mastery.

The Guardian , May 2014


One word describes it: Indefatigable. Not just Irvine Arditti's achievement of leading a string quartet for four decades, and premiering hundreds of new works, but also his 40th birthday party: An 11 hour day with three concerts showcasing 15 incredibly challenging avante-garde pieces (three of them world premieres) performed by the same four players. Just looking at the programme made me feel exhausted, yet Arditti thrives on delivering scores so fiendish that the notes swim before your eyes. I was mesmerised; first by the technical brilliance of their playing and the passion that this quartet brings even to the knotiest modern score, but also by how much works that baffled me in the 1970's and '80's now sound like familiar classics.

The Times, April 2014

Even a whole day of concerts, three programmes containing 15 works, three of them world premieres, was hardly enough to convey the full extent of the Arditti Quartet's achievement across four decades, and how the recent history of the form would have been very different without it.

The Guardian , April 2014

Arditti Quartet 40th Birthday, Milton Court: 'a parade of marvels'.

The Telegraph , April 2014

The quartet's performance was a spellbinding display of concentrated, fully-absorbed conviction.

Boston Globe March 2014

Half of what Arditti did here simply didn't seem physically possible. Apparently it is.

LA Times March 2014

The burden of time melted away as the Arditti Quartet led us through the intense viscerality of Lachenmann's musical language.

Toronto March 2014

Es war ein großer, ja sensationeller Konzertabend, der Maßstäbe setzte (it was a great, yes sensational concert evening which set new standards) ; Die Ardittis...agierten auf einem geradezu schwindelerregendem Spitzenniveau (The Ardittis performed at a dizzyingly top class level) ; ..das alles ließ einen mehr als einmal  den Atem anhalten vor Bewunderung ( The way they interpreted the music... took one's breath away more than once).

12.7.08 Darmstadt. Ferneyhough quartets 1-5

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung  July 2008

The Arditti Quartet were spellbinding.

The Times July 2008

The Arditti played the six little pieces of Kurtag's Moments Musicaux with fabulous concentration, making every silence speak volumes, but then their command of every challenge this programme threw at them was astonishing.

The Guardian  January 2007



The world's pre-eminent contemporary music quartet.

The Guardian  April 2005


I don't think there is an ensemble alive that could play this program with the kind of uncompromising finesse and authority that the Arditti Quartet displayed on Saturday night. One could not ask for a richer, more erudite and yes, more passionate demonstration of what contemporary string quartet writing is all about, than this magnificently conceived evening. Four different works, all with the capacity to make even expert musicians sweat bullets, were served up about as perfectly as anyone can expect. These four musicians' collective intellectual background, technical command and interpretive confidence all combined to make an evening that might be a model of contemporary quartet performance.

Seen and Heard International Recital Review

Zankel Hall , New York City, December 4th, 2004


There is no more competant formation in this field in the whole globe

Badische Zeitung November 2004


As it has done for more than a quarter-century with astonishing
virtuosity and bravery, the Arditti Quartet continues to treat music as something of crucial importance and endless amazement.
LA Times May 2001


I’ve given up groping for fresh superlatives to describe the Arditti’s music-making. They are way beyond praise.                                   

Daily Telegraph November 1999

  The Arditti players manage to say more in a couple of bow strokes than some concerts communicate in total.                                              The Sunday Times February 1999  



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