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The first concert of 2019 took place at the Musik Hochschule in Detmold on 29th January. Music by Ferneyhough, Harvey, Lachenmann, Ligeti and Webern was heard.


On 4th February there was a concert at the Reina Sofia Auditorium in Madrid. The programme featured quartets by the Spanish composer Jesus Rueda and by Kurtag and Ligeti.


In late March the Quartet had a trip to the US. They revived their Wyschnegradsky programme, performing all his quartets and string trio as well as Haas's 2nd quartet in San Francisco with a concert in the Taube Atrium Theater on 23rd March. This was followed by a residency at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. There was several concerts between 26th and 28th March including a wide range of music from emerging composers at the University to music by Carter, Catalan, Marquez, Nancarrow, Oliveira, Paredes, Rudman, Sammoutis and Serrate. New works by Gilbert, Hurtado and Obermueller were also heard. The final stop on the tour was at Rice University in Houston were they also workshoped  emerging composers and performed a concert on 29th March with music by Carter, Lachenmann and Ligeti.


On April 3rd and 5th they performed two concerts at the Tongyeong Festival in Korea. Music by Hosokawa, Ligeti, Rihm and Yun was heard as well as new works by Song and Jankowski. They performed several works by Hosokawa who is one of the featured composers and they were joined by the flautist Yubeen Kim for his quintet Fragment II.


On 30th April they performed in Munich at the night of quartets at the Prinzregententheater. Music by Denisov, Alissa Firsova, Kurtag, Ligeti and Webern was heard


On the 9th of May there was a concert at the University of Buffalo in the US. They featured the music of David Felder by performing his three quartets, followed by his violin concerto Jeu de Tarot with Irvine Arditti as soloist with Ensemble Signal under Brad Lubman.


On 15th May there was a concert at La Fenice in Venice with music by Fano, Ligeti and Ravel.


On 24th May they returned to the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg to perform a concert with music by Gubaidulina, Ligeti, Wallin and Xenakis.


On 12th June they returned to the Boulez Saal in Berlin with a programme of music by Birtwistle, Crawford, Feldman, Nancarrow and Webern.


At the end of June they took part in the Bilkent Composition Academy in Ankara with workshops and concerts. Concerts took place on 27th and 30th June. The programme for the first concert was music by Andre, Gedizlioglu, Harvey and Lachenmann.

The programme for the second concert featured the emerging composers, Deniz Asian, Jakob Bragg, Desmond Clarke, Patrick Friel, Valentin Schaff, Ka Shu Tam and Arda Yurdusev.


Concerts for the Autumn season.


12.9.19 Bucharest, Romania

Concert in George Enescu Hall/National University of Music at 15.00

Ferneyhough Dum Transissets I-IV

Fineberg La Quintana

Clarke Quartet no.4

Popovici Quartet (premier)


14.9.19 in Bonn, Germany

Concert in Beethovenhaus/Beethoven Fest at 20.00

(with Jake Arditti, countertenor)

Janacek Quartet no.2

Paredes Canciones Lunaticas

Sciarrino Cosa Resta

Ravel Quartet

Dowland/Paredes Flow my tears

Dowland/Paredes In darkness let me dwell


15.9.19 in Bern, Switzerland

Concert in Konservatorium/Musikfestival Bern at 18.00

(with Angelika Luz, soprano)

Nono, Fragment-Stille

Zender Holderlin lessen IV


25.9.19 in Strasbourg, France

Concert in La Borse/Festival Musica at 20.30

Dufourt Quartet no.1  Dawn Flight

Dufourt Quartet no.2  Uneasiness

Dufourt Quartet no.3  Le supplice de marsyas d'apres titian


30.9.19 in Cracow, Poland

Concert in the Malopolska Garden of Arts/ Festival Sacrum Profanum  at 21.30

Phill Niblock  Disseminate as Five String Quartets

Tanya Tagaq  Sivunittinni

Éliane Radigue  Occam II  for violin

Lucia Dlugoszewski  Disparate Stairway Radical Other


2.10.19 in Gent, Belgium

Concert in Miry Concert Room/Flanders Festival at 20.30

Dusapin Quartet no.5

Kurtag Officium Breve,

Ligeti  Quartet no.2  

Webern 6 Bagatelles

Cage quartet in four parts


16.10.19 in Parma, Italy

Concert in Teatro Farnese/ Festival Traiettorie at 20.30

Berg Op.3

Jarrell  ...in verästelten Gedanken... (Nachlese VIIb)

Traversa Quartet no.3 (premiere)

Mundry Linien, Zeichnungen

Pelzel Vers le vent


2.11.19 in Vienna, Austria

Concert in Mozart-Saal/Konzerthaus/Festival Wien Modern at 19.30

Crawford string quartet

Iannotta, dead wasps in the jam-jar

Pagh-Paan Horizont auf hoher See

Klaus Lang seven views of white


23.11.19 in Takasaki, Japan

(with Yuji Takahashi, piano)

Concert in Takasaki City Theaterat at 14.00

Sciarrino Codex Purpureus II for piano and string quartet

Takahashi Phonourloupes (premiere)

Sciarrino 6 quartetti brevi,

Xenakis Akea for piano and string quartet

Hosokawa Passage (premiere)

Ligeti 2 Quartet no.2  


28.11.19 in Tsurumi, Japan

Concert in Salvia Hall at 19.00

Harvey Quartet no.2

Kurtag Officium Breve

Nodaira Quartet no.5 

Haas Quartet no.2

Dusapin Quartet no.5


30.11.19 in Yokohama, Japan

Concert in Kanagawa Ongakudo at 15.00

(with Kenta Kojiri, dancer)

Nishimura Quartet no.Suzaku

Hosokawa Passage

Rihm Geste zu Vedova

Rihm Quartet no.3


1.12.19 in Nagoya, Japan

Concert in Small Hall Aichi Prefectural Theatre at 17.00

(with Kenta Kojiri, dancer)

Nishimura Quartet no.Suzaku

Hosokawa Passage

Rihm Geste zu Vedova

Rihm Quartet no.3


1.12.19 in Tokyo, Japan

Concert in Musashino Cultural Civic Hall at 19.00

Bartok Quartet no.3

Berg Op.3

Hosokawa Passage

Ligeti Quartet no.2 


13.12.19 in Budapest, Hungary

Concert in Ferenc Liszt Akademie at 19.30

Bartok Quartet no.3,

Ligeti Quartet no.2 

Berg Lyric Suite


Various film link's are available at the following:
The various films available free include performances and rehearsals with such composers
as Ferneyhough, Harvey, Lachenmann and Rihm.