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The first event in the Autumn was in Berlin on 1st September with a concert for the DAAD in the St. Elisabeth-Kirche opening their Mikromusik festival. The programme consisted of two works by present members of the DAAD, Joanna Bailie and Turgut Ercetin, with past members Bianchi, Tenney and Xenakis also being performed.


On 17th September the quartet returned to Die Singel in Antwerp where they performed a programme with music by Birtwistle, Ligeti and Manoury.


On 5th October the quartet performed in Cracow giving a concert of music by Zorn with the soprano Barbara Kinga Majewska.


The quartet appeared at the Donaueschingen festival on 14th October giving the premier of a The Gates, a piece for quartet and orchestra by James Dillon. The concert was streamed live on SWR television and can still be seen on line at http://swrmediathek.de/player.htm?show=2231bf70-9540-11e6-8e1e-005056a12b4c


On 4th November, the quartet appeared in Copenhagen at the G((o))ng Tomorrow festival giving the second performance of Everything is important by Jenny Walshe alongside music by Cage and Worsaae, the later being a work for quartet with video and electronics.


The return to Vienna for the Wien Modern festival included two concerts. On 8th November they performed all three quartets by Birtwistle, the first being done in the version called Pulse Shadows, which also included his 9 Ceylan settings for soprano and small ensemble. The second concert on 11th November was a rather unusual event where all the quartets of Shostakovitch were performed simultaneously in one venue. The choreography for this was organised by the new director of Wien Modern, Bernhard Guenther.


On 12th and 13th October the quartet played at November Music festival in Den Bosch. The first day featured a performance of Everything is important by Jenny Walshe. On the 13th morning they played a concert of music by Glanert, Henze and Jeths.


On 15th November they came very close to home and were delighted to perform at the Hampstead Arts Festival in London.

They played music by Ades, Birtwistle and Ferneyhough.


Their return to the Huddersfield festival was on 18th and 19th November where on the first night they played Everything is important by Jenny Walshe and a quartet by Zimmerlin. On the 19th the premiere of Haas's 10th quartet was heard but not seen...


On 26th November the quartet returned to the Wigmore Hall in London. they gave the premier of quartet no.6 by Hanna Kulenty as well as the UK premier of Philippe Manoury's recent quartet no.4 Fragmenti. Along with their recent programming concept for the Wigmore they also played two works that have been long established in the repertoire, Lutoslawski's quartet and Donatoni's La Souris sans Sourire.


The last concert of the year was an afternoon event in Salzburg on 3rd December where they played Rihm's quintet Epilog with Tanja Tetzlaff.


On January 17th 2017 the quartet performed in the new Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. The programme included the first performance of Youngi Pagh-Paan's Horizont auf hoher See alongside music by Ferneyhough, Lachenmann and Manoury. The hall's anouncement for the concert read as follows: The Arditti Quartet is the first string quartet to perform in the Elbphilharmonie Recital Hall – a reward for its consistent involvement with contemporary music, which will have a prominent place in the new glassy »wave« in Hamburg’s harbour. The Arditti Quartet has been »the« benchmark for new quartet music for over four decades. That is not only true for audiences and music connoisseurs, but also for the leading composers of our time.


On 14th March the quartet performed in the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens The Tree of Strings by Birtwistle and Everything is important by Jenny Walshe.


On 19th March the quartet performed at the festival Maerzmusik in Berlin. They gave the second performance of Haas's 10th quartet which was performed in complete darkness. Also Jenny Walshe's Everything is important was heard.


In March and April the quartet visited the USA. The eagerly awaited guitar quintet by Wolfgang Rihm was not written as the composer is sick. We all wish him a speedy recovery. Instead, the Ardittis' and Eliot Fisk gave the premier of Son dementes cuerdas by Hilda Paredes in Washington on 24th March. Further performances of this quintet took place in Washington, Pittsburg, Indianapolis and Montclair University in New Jersey. In Montclair the Ardittis' gave the premier of the first complete performance of Bolcom's 8th quartet.


The tour schedule was:

24th March in Washington at the Library of Congress: Programme: Berio, Lachenmann, Manoury, Paredes.

26th March in Pittsburgh at the Warhol Museum for Music on the Edge. Programme: Berio, Felder, Kurtag, Paredes, Xenakis.

29th March in Indianapolis at the Basile Theatre/Glick Indiana History Centre. Programme:Berio, Kurtag, Lachenmann, Manoury, Paredes.

31st March in Buffalo at Lippes Hall/University of Buffalo. Programme:Birtwistle, Felder, Paredes, Manoury.

1st April in Montclair, New Jersey at the Alexander Kasser Theatre. Programme:Bolcom, Carter, Czernowin, Paredes.

In Montclair they performed Czernowin's octet Anea and were joined by the Shanghai quartet.


On 8th and 9th April the quartet was heard in the Isang Yun Festival in Tongyeong, South Korea.

Tongyeong was the birthplace of Isang Yun and this year is the 100th Anniversary of his birth. For this occasion, the quartet programmed two of Yun's quartets. The first concert also included the new quartet Horizont auf hoher See by Youngi Pagh-Paan.

Music by Dun, Hosokawa, Manoury, Stravinsky and Takemitsu was alsoheard.


On 22nd April the quartet visited Vienna as part of the normal concert in the Konzerthaus. They gave the premier of Dufourt's 3rd string quartet. Also music by Manoury and Ofenbauer was heard.


The quartet returned to the new music days in Witten, Germany and performed there on 5th, 6th and 7th May. On 5th, alongside Ensemble Modern they gave the premier of Ferneyhough's new Umbrations cycle. The work included Christus Resurgens, a new quintet with double-bass and In Nomine, a new solo cello work. His Dum Transisset I-IV is also part of the cycle. Other works for quartet performed, a premier Entre les lignes by Philippe Hurel and the German premier of Birtwistle's Silk House Sequences and two octets Indigo by Milica Djordevic and Undone by Rand Steiger continues the collaboration with the Jack quartet.


Ferneyhough's Umbrations cycle was performed again in Frankfurt on 8th May.

Further performances in 2017 can be heard in the Autumn at the Festival D'Automne in Paris and at the Huddersfield Festival.


On 18th May the quartet visited Oslo playing at the only connect festival. They gave the premiere of Kristine Tjørgersen's Misterios do Corpo. Also Jenny Walshe's Everything is important and Cage's Four was played.


The quartet were pleased to be invited to perform in the new Pierre Boulez Saal at the Barenboim-Said Akademie in Berlin where they gave 2 concerts on 20th and 21st May. The first concert contained music by Bartok, Berg, Bertrand and Manoury. The next day within the framework of a Elliott Carter day, the quartet performed all 5 of Carter's quartet's, the fifth being written for them. This is the first time they have performed all the Carter quartets in one day.


On 14th June, the quartet returns to the Wigmore hall in London. They will perform three recent works, Dufourt's 3rd quartet Le Supplice de Marsyas d’après Titien, Pagh Paan's Horizont auf hoher See, and Paredes's Son dementes cuerdas, for guitar and string quartet. For the last work they will be joined by Eliot Fisk.


For the second half of June the quartet relocate in Japan. They will perform in the following venues:

June 17th 16.00 Mito Art Theatre Lachenmann Gran Torso, Grido

June 18th 15.00 Izumi Hall, Osaka Bartok 6 Kurtag Officium Breve, Ligeti 2, Nishimura 6 Suzaku - The Vermilion Bird (premiere)

June 23rd 19.00 Rohm Theatre, Kyoto Kurtag Microludes, Hosokawa Silent Flowers, Ligeti 2, Xenakis St4, Ikhoor, Tetras

June 24th 19.00 Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall Ravel, Nishimura 6 Suzaku - The Vermilion Bird, Hosokawa Silent Flowers, Bartok 6

June 26th 19.00 Salvia Hall, Tsurumi Bartok 3, Ligeti 2, Hosokawa Silent Flowers, Lachenmann Grido

June 30th 19.00 Tokyo Opera City Hosokawa Fluss for quartet and orchestra

In Kyoto, the Xenakis works will staged with the dancer Tsuyoshi Shirai. In the Tokyo Opera City concert the orchestra will be the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra under Kazushi Ono.


The quartet will return to Europe at the beginning of July and then perform at the Musica Viva festival in Munich.

On 6th July, Mark Andre's Miniatures (iv13) will receive their premiere as well as Cosa Resta by Sciarrino for counter tenor and string quartet. They will be joined by Jake Arditti for the Sciarrino. Also quartet's by Rihm and Birtwistle can be heard in this programme.

On 8th July, they will perform all 4 quartets by Harvey.


The link for Kingston University's film on Ferneyhough's 6th quartet is the following:
The various films available free include a performance of the work, rehearsals with the composer and comments by Ferneyhough and Arditti on the work.