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The first concert of 2018 was in Le Cite de la Musique where they returned to the Quartet Biennale held every two years. On 16th January they gave the premiere of Dillon's 8th quartet alongside two other quartets completed in 2017, Dufourt's 3rd quartet Le Supplice de Marsyas d’après Titien and Entre les lignes by Hurel.


On 11th March they performed again at the Wigmore Hall in London, two recent works Andre's Miniatures (iv13) and Sciarrino's Cosa Resta with Jake Arditti, counter tenor. Hurel's Entre les lignes was also played and the programme was completed by Sciarrino's 6 quartetti breve.


On 15th March the quartet was heard in Cagliari at the Teatro Lyrico where they played music by Bartok, Hosokawa, Ligeti and Takemitsu.


On 10th April a very special event took place. A long desired wish of primarius Irvine Arditti for the complete Livre of Pierre Boulez was finally materialised. The Arditti quartet have been playing movements of Livre since 1981. In 1985, in Baden-Baden they gave the world premiere of Livre with the published Huegel score. This excluded the 4th movement which Boulez never realised. Over many decades Monsieur Arditti tried to persuade the composer to compose this movement. After a change of milenium Irvine Arditti gave up this persuit, considering it an imposition on the composers wishes and desires to compose and realise what he considered more important revisions.

Boulez had admitted to Irvine that he considered Livre a work of his youth and when he composed it, he never imagined it would be performed.

We moved into a new millenium and desires for this completion more or less evaporated.

Boulez never realised this 4th movement and when Daniel Barenboim approached the quartet for a collaboration in his Boulez-saal in Berlin, it seemed obvious to Irvine to try to include the realisation of the complete Livre in their programme for the hall. Irvine approached his good friend and collaborator Philippe Manoury to perform this task. Philippe also a good friend of Boulez was the obvious choice to complete this mission.

Boulez in his last months had agreed that someone else should complete Livre. After many years of waiting, Livre was performed complete in Berlin on 10th April. Irvine agreed to allow the Diotima quartet who also worked on the piece with the composer, to play this complete version on the same evening in Paris. With this performance a long and very extended chapter of the quartet's history was complete.


On 22nd April in Casa de la Musica in Porto the quartet performed a complete Webern programme.


On 29th April the quartet performed in the Grand Reading Room of the British Museum in London music by Bartok, Hosokawa and Nono.


On 29th May the quartet performed in a memorial concert for their great friend and sponsor Leo Hepner in the newly open Purcell Room, on London's South Bank. Premieres of works by Charlotte Bray and Tom Coult were heard as well as music by Ferneyhough, Rihm and Webern.


Between the 6th and 8th July the quartet was at the Time of Music Festival in  Viitasaari, Finland. They performed music of Birtwistle, Czernowin and Walshe and on the last day three works by the emerging composers Piyawat Louilarpprasert, Yi-Ting Lu and Frej Wedlund.


The quartet returned to the Summer courses in Darmstadt and performed several concerts on 21st and 22nd July.

The complete Boulez Livre as finished by Philippe Manoury was heard for a second time.

Music by Eastman, Ferneyhough, Fure, Mundry and Ruzicka were also programmed alongside James Clarke's new 4th quartet and Hans Thomalla's new work Air for solo violin.


On 29th June there was an unusual concert in the Museum Santa Maria della Scala in Sienna. In the first part Berg's Lyric suite was heard. The second part was given over to Irvine Arditti alone for a performance of Nono's La Lontananza. The channel levels and sound projection was contolled by Alvise Vidolin.


On 4th August in Osor, West Croatia, there was a concert including the premier of Berislav Sipus's 3rd quartet Danzas et historias. Quartets by Kurtag, Ligeti and Rihm were also heard.


On 10th August the quartet performed again in the large hall of the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires. The programme featured music by Paredes, Rihm and Xenakis with the pianist Nicholas Hodges.


On 24th August the quartet played at the Festival Savoy Truffle in Megeve. They played quartets by Britten, Allissa Firsova, Wolfgang Jacobi and Takemitsu.


On 15th September there was a concert in the Singel in Antwerp where they performed a concert with the music of Rihm with the soprano Claron McFadden.


On 17th September they returned to the Festival Sacrum Profanum in Cracow to perform music by Polish composers living outside their country. Music by Buczek, Haubenstock-Ramati, Kulent, Schaeffer, Sikora and Szmytka was heard.


On 29th September they performed in the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam music by Berg, Birtwistle, Ferneyhough and Webern.


On 6th October there was a concert in the large hall of Bellas Artes in Mexico City with the counter-tenor Jake Arditti. New works by Torres-Maldonado, Paredes and Vazquez was heard alongside music by Donatoni, Ferneyhough and Sciarrino.


On 10th November the quartet performed in Badenweiler with the counter-tenor Jake Arditti. Music by Berg, Henze, Paredes and Sciarrino was heard.


On 19th November there was a concert in Bologna for Musica Insieme with music by Berg, Ligeti and Ravel.


On 23rd November there will be a concert in the Konzerthaus in Vienna with Ensemble Modern. They will perform a new work by James Saunders and the Umbrations cycle by Ferneyhough.


Their regular visits to the Huddersfield contemporary music festival continued and on 24th November they performed Eastman's Evil Nigger with the Bozzini and Ligeti quartets. The next day at lunch time, there was a quartet concert with the counter-tenor Jake Arditti.Dillon's new 9th quartet received its premiere alongside his 8th quartet and music by Iannotta and Sciarrino.


On 26th November they performed at the Wigmore Hall, London with the bass player Paul Cannon. Music by Barden, Clarke, Ferneyhough and Yuhas can be heard.


On 9th December, there was a concert in Birmingham with the Birmingham New Music players conducted by Emilio Pomarico. Music by Ferneyhough and Harvey was performed.



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