Jeu de TarotMusic by David Felder featuring Irvine ArdittiCoviello


SheshaArditti Quartet plays Akira NishimuraCamerata


AspirationRoger Reynolds Music for violinKAIROS 0015051


Recital for solo violinSciarrino, Carter, Nunes, BoulezAeon  AECD1755


Abrahamsen Quartets 1-4

Winter & Winter  910 242-2

The complete music for string quartet

Arditti Quartet


Abrahamsen Quartets 1-4

  Quatuor VI Hinterland; Quatuor VII Open Time

Aeon AECD1753

Arditti Quartet, Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, Pascal Rophé


Gifts and Greetings for our 40th Anniversary released by Winter & Winter 910 235 2

Music by Abrahamsen, Andre, Birtwistle, Caine, Clarke, Ferneyhough, Haas, Hosokawa, Lim, Paredes, Pauset, Rihm, Staud, Stroppa

Arditti Quartet


Gifts and Greetings

Cuerdas del Destino released by Aeon AECD1439

Music by Hilda Paredes

Jake Arditti and the Arditti Quartet


Paredes Cuerdas del Destino

Christian Ofenbauer
  Streichquartette 1997-2011

NEOS 11513-14

Arditti Quartet


Pandora's Box released by Col Legno  WWE 20421

Music by L.Bedford, Mason, Saunders and Zorn

Live at Wiener Konzerthaus 2013


Pandora's Box

released by Wergo WER67692

Quintets and solos

Toshio Hosokawa: Three string quintet's with Japanese soloist's and three solo works.



released by AEON  AECD1335

Ferneyhough: 3 CD set that contains the complete works for String Quartet and Trio.

This contains 6 quartets, plus 3 shorter works for quartet, and 2 string trios


released by Winter and Winter

Bernhard Lang: The Anatomy of Disaster


released by Wergo WER67612

Toshio Hosokawa: The complete works for string quartet


released by AEON  AECD1225

Gerhard: Complete String Quartets


released by AEON  AECD1217

Birtwistle: Complete String Quartets


The lastest release on Winter & Winter is chamber music by Rihm

Winter & Winter  CD no.910 178-2


A CD of the complete string chamber music of Benet Casablancas, supervised by the composer.

Trito TD0077


The second CD in a set of two that contains all the string quartets of Cristobal Halffter. This CD contains quartets 2, 4, 5 and 7.

The CD is distributed by Diverdi in Madrid. (Anemos  C33007)

Halffter 2


The second release from Aeon contains all the quartets of Dusapin written at the time of recorded.

These recordings were supervised by the composer

Aeon AECD0983 Link



This CD for Winter & Winter contains Twelve Caprices for piano and quartet with the versatile improviser Uri Caine

Winter & Winter  CD no.910 171-2



This CD contains recent Portuguese music for quartet and quartet and marimba with Pedro Carneiro

on the ETCERA label.

KTC 1399

Portuguese Marimba and Strings

The first CD in a set of two that contains all the string quartets of Cristobal Halffter. This CD contains quartets 1, 3 and 6.

The CD is distributed by Diverdi in Madrid. (Anemos  C33005)

J Harvey

All the string quartets and trio of Jonathan Harvey begin a new relationship with the label Aeon. All 4 of Jonathan's quartets were written for the Arditti Quartet with his first being the first piece ever to have been written for them. These recordings were supervised by the composer.

Aeon AECD0975 Link

J Harvey


And now for something completely different...

Thomas Kessler The Dead Emcee Scrolls with Saul Williams, voice.

Only to download at

Ole Henrick Moe's trilogy, 'wait a little longer'. The composer joins the quartet as violin soloist.

The Arditti's first complete KAIROS CD comes in the form of the complete string quartets by Helmut Lachenmann, supervised by the composer. This is the new line-up of the Quartet, since 2006.      

Kairos 0012662

  Again with the new line-up of the Quartet, a documentation CD of their complete programme at the Donaueschingen Festival 2006

Neos 10724

  The Arditti's return to Wergo after many years for this stunning recording of all Nancarrow's string music plus 4 arrangements of his player-piano studies 

Wergo 66962


CD of on the Neos label containing the complete quartets of the German composer Erhard Grosskopf

Neos 10706

of Irvine Arditti's arrangment of Cage's 44 Harmonies from Apartment House 1776 and Irvine Arditti's solo performance of Cage's Cheap Imitation the most recent and last addition to Cage's solo violin music 

MODE 144-145 Cage






of music by Brian Ferneyhough with Ensemble Recherche. As well as the complete Funerailles, this CD also includes the first studio recording by Irvine Arditti of Unsichtbare Farben for solo violin

 Stradivarius STR33739

of music by one of the leading Mexican composer, Hilda Paredes.
Listen How They Talk: Chamber Music 1998-2001
Mode 149

Mexico. Music by Mexican composers featured in Mexico City's Radar Festival 2002

Mode 165

Music by Adrian Jack

Adrian Jack

Chamber music of Jesus Rueda

with Ananda Sukarlan, piano Toni Garcia     

Araque, double-bassRueda







Wigmore Hall Live

WHLIVE 0003Wigmore CD







CD of all the string music of the Italian composer Ivan Fedele begins a new collaboration with the label Stradivarius.
Stradivarius STR  33702

www.stradivarius.itFedele CD







of the long awaited recording of Piano Quintet by Tom Ades played by the composer and the Arditti Quartet. Ades CD







CD from Kairos with the string chamber music of Olga Neuwirth. Featuring her two quartets, written for the Arditti and a viola d'amore work for the Ardittis' ex-viola player Garth Knox plus a piano work played by Nicolas Hodges. Rohan de Saram can be heard also playing the drums on this CD.         

KAIROS 0012462    
Neuwirth CD

CD by the Icelandic composer Atli Ingolfsson which includes,HRZ: Quartet No.1 Ingolfsson
BIS 1298

2 CD's from Winter & Winter CD No. 910 103-2 Fred Frith Eleventh Hour
which includes Lelekovice for String Quartet, Tense Serenity for trombone and trio and 2 works for guitar and String Quartet, Fell and Allegory, with the composer playing.
Winter & Winter
CD no.910 103-2







A double CD of the music of the Australian composer Mary Finsterer, which includes her quartet Sequi. Available through

of Norwegian music by Berstadt, Ness,     Kahrs and Wallin Notes CD Appraisal and Notes

Grappa ACD-5035-200


Matthias Pintscher  Figura I-V 

withTeodoro Anzellotti, accordion

Winter & Winter
CD no.910 097-2
Pintscher CD