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Arditti Quartet Series on Montaigne

listed by series number

No. CD Title Composer and Works CD number
1. Alban BERG Quartet Op.3; Lyric Suite MO 782119
2. Arnold SCHOENBERG – 1

Schoenberg Weihnachtsmusik; Mahler/Schoenberg Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen; Busoni/Schoenberg Berceuse Elegiaque Op.42; Strauss/Schoenberg Rosen aus dem Süden and Kaiserwalzer; with various artists

MO 782160
3. Brian FERNEYHOUGH – 1 Sonatas for String Quartet; Adagissimo; Quartets Nos. 2 and 3 MO 789002
4. Recital for Solo Violin, IRVINE ARDITTI Donatoni Argot; Estrada Canto Oculto; Ferneyhough Intermedio alla Ciaccona; Carter Riconoscenza; Dillon Del Cuarto Elemento; De Pablo Il Violino Espagnola MO 789003
5. Mauricio KAGEL Quartets Nos.1, 2 and 3; Pan (for piccolo and string quartet, with Dietmar Wiesner) MO 782129
6. FROM SPAIN De Pablo Fragmento; Mira Caramelos para Zoe; Ramos Pas Encore; Marco Espejo Desierto; Halffter Quartet No.3 MO 789006
7. Luigi NONO – 1 Fragmente – Stille, An Diotima; ‘Hay que caminar’ Sognando (for two violins) MO 789005
8. Anton WEBERN Rondo; Langsamer Satz; Quartet (1905); Five Pieces Op.5; Six Bagatelles Op.9; Quartet Op.28; Trio Movement (Op. Post); Trio Op.20 MO 782136
9. György KURTÁG, Witold LUTOSLAWSKI, Sofia GUBAÏDULINA Kurtág Quartet No.1, 12 Microludes Op.13 and Officium Breve Op.28; Lutoslawski Quartet; Gubaïdulina Quartet No.2; MO 782147
10. FROM FRANCE Aperghis Triangle Carré (for string quartet and percussion trio); Mâche Eridan; Gaussin Chakra; Xenakis Okho (for percussion trio) with Trio Le Circle MO 782002
11. Wolfgang RIHM Quartet No.3, Im Innersten; Quartet No.5, Ohne Titel; Quartet No.8 MO 782134
12. Luigi NONO – 2 La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura (for violin and tape); with André Richard, sound projection and Heinrich Strobel Studio, Freiburg MO 782133
13./14. Iannis XENAKIS Tetras; ST/4; Tetora; Mikka and Mikka ‘S’ (for violin); Embellie (for viola); Kottos and Nomos Alpha (for cello); Akea (for piano and string quartet); Dikhthas (for violin and piano); Ikhoor (for string trio); plus works for solo piano; with Claude Helffer (piano) MO 782137
15. FROM USA Nancarrow Quartet No.1; Carter Elegy; Ives Scherzo; Yim Autumn Rhythm; Lucier Fragments; Feldman Structures; Lamont Young On remembering a Naiad; Cage Four MO 782139
16. Henri DUTILLEUX, Pascal DUSAPIN Dutilleux Ainsi la Nuit; Dusapin Quartet No.2 Time Zones and Quartet No.3 MO 782125
17. Helmut LACHENMANN Tanzsuite mit Deutschlandlied (for string quartet and orchestra); Reigen Seliger Geister; with RSO Berlin and Olaf Henzold (conductor) MO 782130
18. FROM GERMANY Höller Antiphone (with tape); Platz Zeitstrahl; Spahlinger Apo do; Zimmermann Festina Lente MO 782036
19./20. Arnold SCHOENBERG – 2 Quartets Nos.1-4 MO 782135
21. VIENNA '1991'

In celebration of the 90th birthdays of both Universal Edition Vienna and Alfred Schlee; works by Birtwistle, Osborne, Ligeti, Kurtág, Cerha, Zender, Halffter, Rihm, Boulez, Denisov, Furrer, Berio, Amy, Messiaen, Pärt, Ruzicka, Dittrich, Gielen, Miroglio, Schlee, Lampersberg, Kahowez, Schnittke, Schwertsik, Kolman, Burt, Pousseur, Liebermann,Krauze, Kupkovic; with Pierre-Laurent Aimard (piano)

MO 782027
22./23. Arnold SCHOENBERG – 3 Verklärte Nacht; String Trio; Phantasy; Chamber Symphony; Quartet in D major; Scherzo; Presto; Petrarca Sonnet; Ode to Napoleon; with Stefan Litwin (piano), Thomas Kakuska (viola), Valentin Erben (cello) and Matthew Carey (baritone) MO 782025
24./25. FROM ITALY Berio Quartet; Bussotti Quartetto Gramsci; Castiglioni Romanze; Donatoni La souris sans sourire; Maderna Quartetto per archi (in due tempi); Melchiorre Quartet No.2; Scelsi Quartet No.4; Sciarrino Sei quartetti brevi; Scodanibbio Visas; Stroppa Spirali MO 782042
26. Jonathan HARVEY Quartets Nos.1 and 2; Scena (for violin and ensemble), Lotuses (for flute and string trio); with Felix Renggli (flute), Nieuw Ensemble and Ed Spanjaard (conductor) MO 782034
27. Julio ESTRADA Ishini'ioni; Canto Mnémico; Miqi’nahual (for double-bass); Yuunohui’se (for violin); Yuunohui’yei’nahui (for cello and double-bass); Canto Alterno (for cello); Yuunohui’se’ome’yei’nahui (for violin, viola, cello, double-bass); with Stefano Scodanibbio double-bass) MO 782056
28. FROM SCANDINAVIA Lindberg Clarinet Quintet (with Kari Kriiku); Saariaho Nymphea, Sorensen Angels Music, Tiensuu Arsenic and old lace (with Jukka Tiensuu, harpsicord) MO 782141
29. Luca FRANCESCONI Quartet No.3; Riti Neurali (for violin and ensemble); Plot in Fiction (for oboe and 11 instruments); Richiami II (for ensemble) with Asko Ensemble, David Porcelijn, Jonathan Nott and Guido Maria Guida (conductors) MO 782032
30. Toshio HOSOKAWA Landscape I, II and V; Fragmente II (for alto flute and string quartet); Vertical Time Study III (for violin and piano) with Pierre-Yves Artaud (alto flute), Mayumi Miyata (sho), Ichiro Nodaira (piano) and Kaoru Nakayama (harp) MO 782078
31. Brian FERNEYHOUGH – 2 Quartet No.4 (with soprano); Terrain (for violin and ensemble); Kurze Schatten II (for guitar); Trittico per G.S. (for double-bass) with Brenda Mitchell (soprano), Magnus Anderson (guitar), Stefano Scodanibbio (double-bass) Asko Ensemble and Jonathan Nott (conductor) MO 782029
32. Elliott CARTER Quartet No.5; Fragment; Figment (for cello); 90+ (for piano); Duo (for violin and piano); Cello Sonata; with Ursula Oppens (piano) MO 782122
33. Bruno MADERNA Quartetto per archi; Quartetto per archi in due tempi; Cadenza (for violin and string trio); Widmung (for violin); Dialodia (for two violins); Piece pour Ivry (for violin); Viola (for viola); Ständchen für Tini (for violin and viola) MO 782158
34. Hans ZENDER Hölderlin lesen I (for string quartet and voice); Hölderlin lesen II (for voice, viola and live electronics); Hölderlin lesen III (for string quartet and voice); with Salome Kammer MO 782094
35. Karlheinz STOCKHAUSEN Helicopter Quartet (for string quartet, four helicopters with pilots and sound technicians) MO 782097
36/37 Roger REYNOLDS Coconino... a shattered landscape: Visions (for violin); Kokoro; Ariadne's Thread; Focus a beam, emptied of thinking, outward (for cello) MO 782083
38. James DILLON Traumwerk (for 2 violins); Quartet No.2; Parjanya-Vata (for cello); Vernal Showers (for violin and ensemble); with the Nieuw Ensemble and Ed Spanjaard (conductor) MO 782046
39/40.n Giacinto SCELSI Quartets Nos 1-5; Khoom; String Trio MO 782156
41. Luciano BERIO Notturno, Sincronie, Glosse, Quartet 1956 MO 782155

Berg 9 short pieces (for quartet, sextet and violin and piano)
Webern Piano quintet, 4 pieces for violin and piano Op.7, 3 little pieces for cello and piano Op.11, cello sonate 1914;
with Stefan Litwin (piano) Thomas Kakuska (viola)

MO 782069


20th Anniversary CD

excerpts from works by: Schoenberg, Kurtág, Kagel, Lachenmann, Dusapin, Webern, Ferneyhough, Nono, Xenakis, Mâche, Rihm, Birtwistle and Carter MO 782070

all works scored for string quartet unless otherwise specified

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