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Vinyl Recordings

(listed alphabetically by composer)

Composer Work Label and CD Number
BADINSKY Nicolai Quartet No.3, Hommage à Béla Bartók ABAN AB 2231
BARGIELSKI Zbigniew Quartet No.3, Stilleben und Geschrei ORF Musikprotokoll 1985, Steirischer Herbst
CARTER Elliott Quartet No.3 RCA (RS9006)
DUBROVAY Laszlo Quartet No.3 DAAD, Berlin 105
DUSAPIN Pascal Quartet; Musique Fugitive (for str trio) Musique France d’Aujourd'hui, Harmonia Mundi HM5 139
FERNEYHOUGH Brian Quartet No.2 RCA (RS9006)
HARVEY Jonathan Quartet RCA (RS9006)
HUBLER Klaus Quartet No.1 and 3; String Trio No.1; Konzertphrase (for 2 vlns and vla) Col Legno 5506, Polygram, Hamburg
MANOURY Phillipe Quartet Musique France d’Aujourd'hui, Harmonia Mundi HM5 139
SCELSI Giacinto Quartets Nos.1-4; Arc en Ciel (for two violins); Duo for violin and cello Raretone (Fore80 13-14), 2 record set
SCHWERTSIK Kurt Skizzen und Entwürfe Österreichischer Musikrat Classic Amadeo 120934
STUPPNER Hubert Quartet No.1 EMI Columbia SF 102 1K
XENAKIS Iannis ST4; Mikka and Mikka ‘S’ (for solo vln); Embellie (for solo vla); Dikhthas (for vln and pf); Kottos (for solo vc); Ikhoor (for str trio); RCA (RS9009)

all works scored for string quartet unless otherwise specified

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